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To gain exposure and to offer the best quality affordable merchandise to the families we serve, the Family and Friends Quality Discount Caskets, has aligned itself with a national networking circuit, the Commander Initiative, as a Commander Partner.

The partners in our Commander Initiative are an essential part of this national movement to pool the dollars African-Americans-people of color and other minorities contribute to the death-care industry. We have the blueprint for bringing financial solutions to the Independent Funeral Professional.

The Commander Initiative, proving that Economy of Scales (Group Spending) can work for Independent Minority Funeral Homes, have negotiated promotional contracts for all Commander Initiative partners and are continuing in negotiations with Funeral Product & Service Sellers who can see our vision.

The Commander Seller plays an intricate role in the success of Family and Friends Quality Discount Caskets, Inc. Partnering with these Commander Vendors insures the quality of the merchandise we offer our families during their time of need during the bereavement process.

 With the Commander Initiative, those of us who make our families our number one concerns, can begin to take the lead in shaping the funeral industry for the benefit of our loyal employees, our heirs, and our customers in our communities. That is the key to our pledge and continued success.

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